NBA 2K20 is the latest NBA 2K game that is available for mobile. This is not to be confused with NBA 2K Mobile, which has become one of the most popular sports games on iOS and Android. This game is essentially like the full NBA 2K experience but watered down a bit to run smoothly on mobile. 

It really is very similar to older games in the franchise such as NBA 2K14. From the player movement and graphics, it does seem like a reminder. But this mobile version of NBA 2K20 features a simplified MyCAREER mode as well the iconic Blacktop mode and Season modes. 

Where's 2K21 on mobile you ask? Well, there's no word (yet) on if they plan on making a mobile edition for this year's game. With it just being released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, there could be a delay in developing for mobile, if they are planning on doing it anyway. In the meantime, you can enjoy NBA 2K20 which has very good quality on mobile, and here are a few tips for you when hopping on the court.