Hay Day is a farming simulator where you are trying to make a farm for profit. Selling produce, helping out the town and continuing to invest in your own town can make a huge difference as you are leveling up and growing. Within the game, you will need to keep trying to gain more money, so that you can continue to grow.

There are two different types of currencies in Hay Day; coins, which can be earned quite casually through playing, and gems, which are a more premium currency, only popping up here and there within the game.

Some purchases in Hay Day can be made with just gems, others coins or gems if you do not have enough coins. Coins, as they can be collected through the game quite easily, are something that you want to just keep getting more and more of. After a lot of grinding, we have come up with some of the best ways to get some coins and stay on top of it.

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