I am sure you are looking to unlock all of the different areas of your farm. There are so many interesting buildings and areas, just waiting for you to unlock them. Along with these areas, constantly showing themselves to you on your farm, but there are also a bunch of different animals, machines, and more to take a look at, once you are at a higher level.

When it comes to leveling up, you will need to gain experience points, which are displayed in a bar across the top of the screen, next to your current level. There are loads of ways to get experience points, but some ways will get you more in a quick fashion. You will be getting small amounts of XP for everything you do - harvesting produce, creating new items out of the produce, chopping down trees, fulfilling orders and more.

It is worth noting that leveling up too quickly, while spending your coins, will cause you to freeze up - as machines cost coins and you will need to purchase these machines to continue in the game.

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If you want some tips to help you gain XP more quickly, thus leveling up and unlocking more of the game to play on, I have some tips for you;

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