Code Racer, developed by Hondune Games, is a racing game all about programming your vehicles with a series of commands to complete various courses, and it’s out today for Android devices, with an iOS release coming later in the month.

If you remember Roombas, the small vacuum cleaners you program to follow specific directions around your living room, Code Racer sounds a bit like that. You have a car that needs to traverse a course, and you can code instructions into it to have it follow a certain route around the track. If you fail, you tweak the code, and then send it back to finish the various courses, tasks and stunts the game throws at you.

There 30 vehicles to choose from, and over a hundred different levels to play on, each one featuring tight turns, big jumps, moving platforms, giant balls, and even more crazy stunts you’ll be able to pull off. Here’s a trailer so you watch some more gameplay for yourself.

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There are different modes to enjoy too, such as the Daily Challenge which has you completing a new course each day for a chance to win a big prize in these unique stages. And if you feel good about your skills you can also take them online in multiplayer code races to see who the fastest programmer is.

For those playing on older or slower devices need not worry either, as Code Racer features optimised graphics and several options to deliver an experience smooth on any device. You can pre-register it now from the Google Play for Android store, and a version for iOS devices is coming later this month.

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