Niantic has announced the details of what players can expect throughout December in Pokemon GO from its usual monthly happenings. This includes information on Raids, new arrivals to the game, Pokemon Spotlight Hours and more.

There will also be a new Research Breakthrough encounter that will start from December 1st and run until January 1st. By completing Field Research tasks on seven different days, players will earn themselves an encounter with either Lapras or Unovan Darumaka.

In terms of raids, players will be able to encounter Kyurem in five-star raids and the newly added Mega Abomasnow. The mega version of the Frost Tree Pokemon will be replacing Blastoise who will appear more frequently in raids until December 1st.

Meanwhile, the Spotlight Hours for December have also been announced. These will take place every Tuesday at 6 pm local time and will include the following Pokemon and bonuses:

  • December 1st – Seel and twice the XP for evolving Pokemon
  • December 8th – Swinub and twice the Stardust for catching Pokemon
  • December 15th – A surprise Pokemon and twice the Candy for catching Pokemon
  • December 22nd – Snorunt and twice the Candy for transferring Pokemon
  • December 29th – Snover and twice the XP for evolving Pokemon

Other features are also set to arrive in the game such as Pokemon tagging to make managing Pokemon much easier. This will allow players to create different coloured tags and apply them to specific Pokemon. The search function is also being tweaked too with recommended search terms such as Pokémon Type, Region, Buddy Level and Shiny appearing when you tap the bar. 

Pokemon GO is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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