Joycity has brought a sizeable update for its popular strategy game Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War. Its arrival also marks the start of Season 5 so players can expect a whole host of new content, features and characters.

More perks are now available for those who purchase the Gold Pass with Bloody Coins, Invitation Letters [Uncommon] and Soul of the Blacksmith up for grabs. Meanwhile, Ambitious Gold Pass players will have a chance of getting a permanent Misty Ancient Octopus base skin, and those who purchase 2 Gold Passes will receive a special box and a permanent territory name tag - 'Vicious Shark'.

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The Season 5 update also brings a new Tier 5 tactician Benjamin Gold (Light) who is specialized in inflicting high damage against pirates and possesses the ability to increase the gunpowder capacity of your allies.

Elsewhere, the new masterpiece equipment Legendary Strategist's set will now be available to craft at Meister level 30 (a good set to have if you frequent Tortuga Brawl, Alliance Battle, and Cave of the Abyss, where it provides several useful buffs). Another set will also be available that increases pirate defense, pirate HP, ship firepower, and ship durability.

Season 5 also brings some adjustments for various in-game systems such as speed boost items and Alliance Festival rewards, which have been reworked to give players different rewards for each level of every season. Finally, the Path of the Great Pirate has been improved to give players greater rewards.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is available now over on the App Store and Google Play, and is also now available on Facebook's new cloud-powered service, Facebook Instant Games.

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