Another update has hit Webzen's ever-popular MMORPG MU Origin 2. It's called the Divine Object update and will see Divine Object, Elemental Stigma, Holy Shield Awakening, Abyss Tower Castle changes among a host of others.

First up, Divine Object will see players restoring energy to their divine objects that will allow them to tap into additional powers to help vanquish their foes. This option will become available once players have reached MI 21Lv (lv. 420).

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Another feature for players to tinker with will be Elemental Stigma. As the name implies, this can be equipped to increase the player's Elemental powers. Similarly, Holy Shield Awakening can increase their defensive prowess by bolstering their Shield Barrier limit.

There have also been some new arrivals in the Abyss with treasures from the Lost Tower appearing there. Players will have to fight to gain possession of these treasures and also acquire Lost Keys. The Lost Castle has also emerged in the Abyss and players will have to climb its four floors with Guild members to discover incredible treasures. It can only be entered once per day.

Finally, players can also face the Invasion of Elements which will see a powerful group of elemental troops attacking the MU Continent. Players will want to team up their party members before battling against these forces with items that enhance your Divine Object up for grabs.

MU Origin 2 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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