If you, somehow, didn't manage to catch the second Pocket Gamer LaunchPad then you really missed out. Much like the first event, earlier this year, we had an ABSOLUTE FLOOD of mobile gaming news, everything from release date reveals to exclusive first looks at new games, and much like last time we far exceeded expectations, with dozens of games more than originally planned, and swarthes of unprecedented announcements and reveals.

You can get started on catching up by heading over to our LaunchPad #2 hub if you wish, or you can head to our Twitch page where you can view the videos that we have up from the event. But, before you head off to do either of those, we've picked out some of our favourite things about this LaunchPad outing, and you can find them below.

Six hours of mindblowing streams

I've already mentioned them above, but did you know that we streamed for six hours during our event? It went like this, at the end of each day of news we pivoted from text to video, taking the show to our Twitch channel (although you could watch it on our site, either on the homepage or on our LaunchPad hub).

Our very own James Gilmour, who you might know from our Youtube efforts, served as the main host and was joined by a different member of the team for each of the days. On day one he had guides master Dave Aubrey, on day two he was joined by Danielle Partis, the editor of PocketGamer.Biz and on the third day he was joined by me, Dann Sullivan, editor of PocketGamer.com. 

Each day was an absolute ride, which also included gameplay and trailers which hadn't been shown off during the day... goodness me.

Our amazing sponsors

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad 2 wouldn't have been possible without our amazing sponsors, and this time around we had some great sponsors, including:

Shadow Fight Arena
Sakuna of Rice and Ruin
Lords Mobile
Book of Beasts Competitions Galore

After the raging success of our Catalyst Black giveaway last time around we decided to do more than just double-down on the giveaway front this time. We ended up running multiple competitions, including a giveaway for Tsuro, as well as a couple of giveaways in partnership with Mighty Bear Games (Butter Royale) who had some great merch AND Razer goodies to give away. It was spectacular, and we'll definitely be doing more giveaways in future - and not just at LaunchPad events.

The amazing indies

When I came to Pocket Gamer I wanted to bring along my love of indie developers, and to build a team who is ready to celebrate games no matter the size. LaunchPad has given us a fantastic platform to do so, and we certainly did we had multiple games which had been through our own Big Indie Pitch including Light The Fires, Alula and Vampire Capitalist. We also made an effort to get in games that you had probably never heard of, but that we'll be covering more and more here on Pcoket Gamer, games like Space Frog intern, Feud, and Shield, Spell, Sword.

Something for everyone

Whether you were here looking for indies, or for something else, we had it. From new characters coming to popular shooter Respawnables Heroes, new regions to Black Desert Mobile, or even extensive updates coming to Idle Arcade Tycoon, we had it. 

And we'll be back again next year with LaunchPad #3. The date isn't set just yet, so keep your eyes peeled on the site, join our Discord, or follow us on Twitter, in order to find out exactly when it's going live.