Lineweight is a stylishly presented text adventure that initially launched for Android last month on Google Play and Google Play Pass. Today it's arrived for iOS devices and if you're interested you can start playing it for free and pay for the rest if you're enjoying it.

Lineweight has been developed by Cipher Prime who you may know from their previous titles which include the likes of Fractal, Splice, Pulse, and Intake. They have described Lineweight as their tenth and final project.

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It aims to look into the human condition during a time where we've become quite disconnected from another. Each of its five chapters follows a story that has been inspired by real-life events and looks to evoke a reaction from the player with its various narratives where each chapter focuses on a specific emotion.

It's very simple to play with each chapter being told through a series of words that pop up on the screen that is controlled via a series of taps and swipes. The developers say this to make the players feel more connected with the story itself but it could also be so they could make the game look incredibly stylish.

Which, it undeniably does. Check out the trailer above and you'll see how wonderfully Lineweight is presented, particularly if you're a fan of typography. Awesome aesthetics don't always make for an excellent game, however, and our reviewer Catherine felt a little underwhelmed by what it had to offer.

Lineweight is available now over on the App Store, Google Play and Google Play Pass. It's a free-to-start game with the full version being unlocked for a single in-app purchase that costs $2.99.

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