Badlanders is a brand new twist on the mobile shooter formula. We've seen dozens of battle royale and PUBG-likes pop up on mobile, enough to see PUBG issue a lawsuit at one point, but not many that attempt to step outside of the comfortable, tried-and-true shooter strategies.

Badlanders is, at least, a little different. It's like the developers took a good look at battle royale games on mobile as they stand today, and decided to use that base to overhaul the gameplay.

You spend so much time in any given battle royale game searching for loot, which can be pointless the second you get shot - here, the loot is the entire game, not kills or surviving, but finding the very best gear, regardless of whether you go down at the end.

This is a fresh take on battle royale, on a much smaller map than you might be used to, and it's well worth a look if you've grown jaded with shooters on mobile. For everything else you need to know, just read our tips below…