Shadow Fight Arena is one of the best fighting games we've seen come to mobile devices for quite a long time, and it's great to see such a strong franchise move towards the online PVP gameplay that fighting game fans crave.

If you want to get ahead in Shadow Fight Arena you're going to need to understand the characters you're going into battle with, and this guide will help you with exactly that.

We've listed here every single character in the game, all of their unique abilities and special attacks, and then broken down which strategies you should use to win with each character.

Take a look through and if you're a fighting game veteran you'll easily be able to understand which character is right for before even having to play as them.

Name  Unique Abilities Up, forward, back, down special attacks  Rarity  Type  Difficulty  Strategy
  • Slashing Strike
  • Ling's Flask
  • Forward: Piercing Lunge
 Rare Heralds  Easy  Ling is a patient character - use him to block a few blows, and then punish with fast neutral combos. 
  • Shadow Energy Adept
  • Shadow Protection 
  • Up: Arrow Rain
  • Forward: Whirlwind
  • Back: Soul Grip
  • Down: Eruption
Common  Dynasty  Normal  Shang has a long reach with his weapon so you shouldn't be afraid to attack from a distance. Use his projectile to keep enemies back, and when cornered unleash your Shadow form. 
  • Liquidator's Daughter
  • Experienced Soldier
  • Forward: Criss-Cross 
Common Legion  Easy  Kate doesn't have the longest range, but is fast and has brutal combos. Be patient and space your opponent out, and then unleash hell. 
  • Stubborn as a Mule
  • Non-stop 
  • Forward: Shadow Charge
  • Down: Legionary Jump 
Common  Legion  Easy  Ironclad is an up-close brawler, and can even armour through projectile attacks. Use a more rushdown-focused attack strategy with this one. 
  • Shadow Onslaught
  • Perfection 
  • Forward: Thousand Cuts 
Epic  Heralds  Normal  Kibo loses her Shadow energy if she doesn't hit the opponent with her attacks, so spacing and zoning out your opponent isn't so worthwhile. Instead just be patient and wait for your enemy to make that one big mistake before you strike. 
  • Through the Glitch 
  • Forward: Heavy Somersault
  • Back: Harpoon 
Epic  Legion  Normal  Marcus starts out big and slow, but ends up becoming incredibly nimble when you use his special ability. Keeping your opponent on their toes while dealing the big hits is the strategy here. 
  • Blazing Bite
  • Triumph Anticipation 
  • Triumph 
Rare  Dynasty  Normal  Hong-Joo is all about trapping opponents in combos - get them up against a wall and go ham, His ability set is different from most, just being a single Triumph ability - this will help you do big damage to foes. 
  • Shadow Generator
  • Flamethrower
  • Countdown 
  • Up: Spine Breaker
  • Forward: Ripper
  • Back: Circulator
  • Down: Evasion 
Common  Heralds  Normal  Since Fireguard restores Shadow energy through his Shadow Generator ability, you can feel free to use the Shadow energy whenever available, and all of the special attacks, to dominate foes. 
  • Power of Light
  • Shield of Light
  • Smite 
  • Forward: Shining Dash
  • Back: Shining Dash 
Rare  Legion  Easy  Helga punishes enemies that use the Shadow form automatically with Smite, and she gains access to her Shining Dash attacks just by attacking a foe. Combine these to overwhelm enemies. 
  • Shadow Squad Leader
  • Will Suppression
  • Old School 
Rare  Legion  Normal  Sarge builds Shadow energy fast while attacking, and also gains invulnerability while in Shadow form - a powerful combo. Who needs special moves? 
  • Neutralization
  • Consequence Management 
  • Forward: Precise Lunge
  • Down: Shadow Blast 
Common  Heralds  Hard  Azuma negates Shadow energy, so he's a hard counter to all of those characters we've mentioned which thrive on it - and that's where Azuma dominates. The long reach helps, too. 
  • Open Wounds
  • Guillotine
  • Shade's Turn 
  • Forward: Shade's True Form 
Rare  Dynasty  Easy  Shade's True Form unleashes a shade on your opponent to attack them, and Yukka is best when she's doing this often. 
Jack Bulwark
  • Bone Break
  • Shadow Fortress 
  • Up: Meteor
  • Forward: Slam and Crash 
Common  Legion  Hard  When your opponent enters their Shadow form, Jack Bulwark lives up to his name and becomes invulnerable. Use this to dominate foes. 
  • Shadow Harmony 
Rare  Dynasty  Hard  Jet lacks the fancy attacks, but specialises in a single strategy - patience. Jet's attacks will be weak at first, but as Shadow Harmony builds, Jet's combos will shred through a blocking enemy. 
  • Emperor's Curse
  • Shadow Beast 
  • Up: Spike
  • Forward: Predator's Lunge
  • Back: Sharp Ribs
  • Down: From Below 
Epic  Dynasty  Hard  The Emperor dominates while in Shadow form as the Shadow Beast - build up Shadow energy and then go all-out.