Red Reign is a popular strategy game that is full of vibrant colors and quirky characters and is exclusive to mobile and to Apple Arcade. The goal is pretty simple in that you'll need to destroy the other team's base to win. So it's very similar to some other mobile war-like strategy games, but the characters and graphics stand out here. 

Choosing between the Humans, Orcs, Fae, or Undead, you deploy soldiers to take out the foes trying to hit your base. By training, you can put out a chunky amount of soldiers to give you a bit of an edge out there. You'll need to collect gold to train some fresh warriors. 

You can also chop wood to help build up your fortress so that it can defend itself a bit with turrets and the like and it's combing this with the soldiers that will help you win. But today we're going to talk about a few good ways to be more conservative with your strategy.