GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a new update for Puzzle & Dragons, the match-3 puzzle RPG available on iOS and Android devices.

Between now and 22nd November, you can take on three time-limited dungeons, along with new and returning legendary fighters including Geese Howard and the iconic New Faces Team trio, Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and Chris. Meanwhile, returning fighters such as Kyo Kusaragi and Iori Yagami are receiving powerful Reincarnated Evolutions, buffs and Pixel Evolutions.

As for the special dungeons, the King of Fighters has five different difficulties and two special floors for those who are seeking to customise their challenge. The two special floors will have you clearing them to skill up The King of Fighters Collab characters on your team, while there’s an extra level for daring teams that rewards a TAMADRA each time a player clears the floor. All in all, this is a handy place if you’re looking for The King of Fighters Collab Medal drops which can be traded at the Monster Exchange.

Then there’s The King of Fighters Challenge! Dungeon, which rewards those who battle through with an additional pull from The King of Fighters Memorial Egg Machine and two The King of Fighters Collab Medal – Rainbow. Finally, there’s the Multiplayer! The King of Fighters Dungeon which is a three player multiplayer round where only the strongest of players should play.

Additionally, all players who log in to Puzzle & Dragons during the event will receive one free pull from The King of Fighters Memorial Egg Machine, while the more eager ones can buy special items from the in-app shop during the collaboration event.

Puzzle & Dragons is available to buy on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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