Minit is arguably one of the best hidden gems out there in the gaming world. It's an indie type of tile created by a highly respected developer in Devolver Digital. You take on the role of an average, everyday character who lives in a small house with his dog.

When you wake up and take a stroll outside of your house, you can explore in a limited area. Eventually, you'll go around and discover the cursed sword. As soon as you grab this sword, you'll be able to use it to break through certain areas. However, you'll notice a timer at the top of the screen that will say that you have 60 seconds (now you'll see why the game is called "Minit").

With the timer active, you'll have 60 seconds to explore the world around you and discover different things, and complete goals. Once the timer hits zero, you'll die and restart and your most recent checkpoint (which will be your house early on). In short, you'll have 60 seconds each day to do what you need to do. Here are a few other things to know about Minit and why you may like it.