First announced a mere week ago, Juggler Games' 2D adventure game My Memory of Us is now available for iOS as a premium title. The game has previously released on pretty much everything else including PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4 to critical acclaim so it's nice to see iOS users can now give it a go too.

This version of My Memory of Us has been reworked so that it's better suited for being played on a phone. That means the usual optimisation tweaks and the addition of a touch-based control scheme.

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The game itself follows the friendship between a young girl and boy. It has drawn inspiration from actual events that took place in pre-Second World War Warsaw. The two children are faced with being separated from one another but try their best to stay together as their world falls apart around them.

My Memory of Us will see players solving puzzles and engaging in a bit of stealth as they progress through the narrative. Each of the children brings their own abilities to the table. The girl is agile, capable of running fast and is also highly accurate with her slingshot. The boy, meanwhile, is much more adept at sneaking through the shadows.

You can check out some gameplay from My Memory of Us in the embedded trailer above. It makes use of a distinctive art style that's mostly devoid of colour apart from a few deliberate exceptions. It's a fairly melancholy tale, as is probably obvious from the subject matter, but it's also apparently interlaced with some bittersweet humour.

My Memory of Us is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $4.99.

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