Mario Kart Tour's Halloween-themed season has now drawn to a close but as always with the mobile version of Nintendo's racer, another is ready to immediately take its place. This time around players will take part in the Sunset Tour which will run from today until 18th November.

That means a host of new races to complete to collect Grand Stars. This will include tracks such as Sunset Wilds, Neo Bowser City R, Mario Circuit R and Neo Bowser City T among many others. As always there will be several karts, gliders and characters up for grabs as Tour Gifts.

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Without having to spend a penny you'll be able to earn yourself Baby Rosalina alongside a kart and glider. Meanwhile, if you happen to be a subscriber to the Gold Pass you'll be able to obtain the Jumping Mario Hanafuda as a Tour Gift alongside a kart and character.

There will also be another character, glider and kart in the Spotlight Pipe. There will be two throughout the tour with the featured items changing after the first week. The featured character for the first leg of the tour is Peach (Explorer) who has the special skill Bob-omb Cannon, which automatically fires a volley of Bob-ombs.

Meanwhile, there's also the Offroader kart which has Jump Boost Plus. This will greatly increase Jump Boost time and the points earned for doing so. Finally, the Spotlight glider is the Sunset Balloon which has Banana Plus as its special skill. This increase your chances of getting a Banana and the points received when using one.

Mario Kart Tour is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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