Sneaky Sasquatch is an open world type of adventure featuring many different ways to enjoy the game. You basically live the life of a sasquatch who also does human-like activities such as racing, surfing, and skiing among many other things.

And like any hard-working person in society, you can make some money too. With coins, you can make purchases at the store your friend, the raccoon owns. Here, you can make purchases to help you participate in some of the many activities, both big and small.

This where you can get items like skis, a golf club, and car keys so you can "borrow" other peoples' cars. Probably the most important early product to buy is the map. This will allow you to fast travel home which really comes in handy when you're getting sleepy and you're far from home. Luckily, this is the cheapest item in the store. But here are a few good ways to rack up some cheese (coins).

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