Sneaky Sasquatch is one of the most popular games on the Apple Arcade and for good reason. It features a large world that can be explored freely...well, almost freely and it gets updated frequently. Playing as a sasquatch (or Samsquanch as the friendly bear calls him), you'll need to obtain disguises so you don't scare campers in the forest.

Scaring campers will of course alert the rangers who will hunt you down and then punish you with a wholesome warning of "stay out of trouble, Sasquatch!'. But you have a ton of activities you can take advantage of once you have some disguises. From racing to golf, and even skiing, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. 

And in a recent update, the lovely Marina has been added to go along with the park and town areas. Here, you can surf and catch some killer waves. Speaking of water, we're going to talk about fishing today. Fishing can be very important for your SS experience in different ways and we tell you what those things are if you're still pretty new. 

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