Toya, a developer known for creating worlds and games within Minecraft and ROBLOX, have announced November plans for three of their current games: My Farm, My Cat Box and Run Fairy Run.

Here's something a little bit different than our usual scheduled programming; We're going to talk about ROBLOX for a moment. It's something that we sometimes struggle to write about here on Pocket Gamer - if just because talking about games within games is historically tricky. That said, as 2020 is the year of subscription services, like Apple Arcade and Xbox Game Pass, on mobile, there's no better time to get started talking about it.

Toya, a female-led studio known for developing safe places for younger, female players to exist online, has announced November plans as part of their move toward live service games. The updates include the addition of new skins and a retheming of their popular My Cat Box title. For those who haven't downloaded it within Roblox, it's an open-world experience where you can collect over 100 different pet cats, take part in discos and quests, as well as get involved in regular updates. It's had almost 5 million views since creation in late November of last year and has had a renaissance recently with select Roblox YouTubers.

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A similar story can be told of My Farm which also launched in November of last year, The farming simulator, which at time of writing is running a Halloween event that includes new tractor skins, some reskinned plants and introduces fruit bats, will be having turkeys as well as two new crops - there's also a seasonal quest revolving around feeding pilgrims.

Finally, Run Fairy Run, an 'Obby' (Obstacle Course Platformer) which is currently in beta, is receiving an 'Escape The Turkey' mode where your normal parkour will be under slightly more pressure as you're chased by an oversized turkey. There's also going to be more costume cosmetics available through the game, these will also be thematic to the Thanksgiving period.

The three updates are expected to be deployed into the games later this month.

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It's clear that we are going to see a lot of companies bringing modern game creation techniques into the Roblox space, and Toya, with their regular seasonal updates, is clearly going to be ones to watch. In creator-led communities, there's always a risk that people will aggressively monetise, or take advantage of, younger audiences. Toya, with their aim to empower a growing female user base and create a safe space for younger players with their core, non-stereotypical and “beyond pink” approach, definitely seem like a developer to watch.

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