Pokémon Sword and Shield's final expansion has finally released upon the masses, the Crown Tundra, a brand new area that also opens up many brand new Pokémon to catch, in addition to a massive new Wild Area.

In this Crown Tundra walkthrough, we'll be going over how to complete the main quest of The Crown Tundra, which is discovering the legendary Pokémon Calyrex, restoring his power, and returning The Crown Tundra to prosperity. Or, y'know, catching the legendary Pokémon ourselves, whatever really.

Crown Tundra walkthrough Nintendo Switch

The main quest isn't very long, however, to complete the full story there will be a lot of legendary Pokémon for you to catch. If you want to catch the legendary birds or the legendary giants, you can take a look at our guides here:

Now that's out of the way, let's get on to the main event and catch Calyrex! Just follow our step by step Crown Tundra walkthrough and you can't miss anything!

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