The retro-inspired life sim game Harvest Town is breaking free from its Android exclusivity as it receives an iOS version next month.

Harvest Town is a pixelated farming simulation mobile game where players live out their lives breeding diverse amounts of animals and growing crops in different seasons. They can also enjoy gratifying experiences with free exploration of the nearby town and go mining deep in underground caves.

Alongside its iOS release, the game is also receiving a substantial amount of content in a new 2.0 update. One such new feature includes the ability to hire farm hands to help you out in your daily tasks, freeing your hands from logging and mining to focus on other tasks. You can also alter the working time to maximize your profits.

Version 2.0 offers 8 new skills to participate in: Farm, Log, Fish, Mine, Battle, Breed, Pickup, and Cook. These will let you choose different growth routes, and there will be 3 options for each skill that affect your ability to perform certain tasks.

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For the sweethearts out there, the new update will also introduce romance options for your character. As you build up your fondness with other characters, you'll unlock dating scenes and romantic scenarios to add a bit more depth to these relationships.

To cultivate a better player experience, version 2.0 also brings several optimisations to the game, including a sleek new UI design and new facial expressions for NPCs. There’s also the new Story Review and Automatic Route Finding features that have been frequently requested by players, so fans of the game can have a more streamlined experience.

Harvest Town’s iOS version is not yet up on the App Store, but it will be releasing sometime in November. Android users can already check it out on Google Play, with the 2.0 update coming later this week.

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