Golden Tee Mobile is the free, mobile version of the legendary arcade game. Normally, the only way to play Golden Tee was by heading to an arcade, sports bar, or pub, or if you have the Home Edition. Now, gamers can tee it up on mobile with all of its wacky quirks. 

Underneath the arcade-like exterior, it is a very good playing golf game with some beautiful courses to play on. Its unique blend of fun golf and quirkiness is similar to that of the old Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. The difference is that the TW games lean more to the simulation side while GT is more of the opposite. 

One of GT Mobile's unique quirks is the special balls that you can unlock via crates. Each one can give you a great advantage on the course if you use them at the right time. Every one of them is great in their own ways, but here are a few you should keep an eye out for in crates. 

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