Armajet is quietly one of the hotter shooter games on mobile devices. It may also be one of the easiest shooters to pick up and play, although tricky to master. You team up with players and fight to the death on some beautifully made platformer-like levels.

The big thing about Armajet is that, instead of jumping, you utilize a jetpack to help you take flight. This makes each match a lot of fun as players and their bullets fly all over the map. There's nothing too complicated about the game, just fly around and blast your opponents.

As mentioned before, the game is so easy to just pick up, that there's not a playable tutorial. All there is are a few slides showing how to play and you'll understand almost immediately. But, the game now receives a fresh update with a lot of new things, and some that can make your life a little easier while some present style options. Here are a few fun things to check out.

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