Are you ready to get spooked? The spookiest Halloween games for iPhone are just around the corner. Or in this case, just behind the blue button below.

Halloween is just around the corner - pumpkins have been carved, pumpkin spice everything is around, people keep talking about spooky games. I love Autumn - and I love seeing all of the games that are out to continue to take you into this Halloween-festive world where you can live in spooky, scary worlds. I am not the biggest horror fan, but horror goes hand in hand with Halloween, so of course we need to add some terrifying games to this list - but that’s not all you will find!

You can find some creepy games, cute games for iPhone with Halloween touches, fun games with Autumn themes and more on this list of great games for this time of year. Actually, these Halloween games for iPhone can be good for any time of the year as long as you are a fan of Halloween and Autumn!