Golf Club: Wasteland is one of the many golf games that you can get for your iPhone or Android. However, this is unlike any golf game that you've played before. Its unique in how it looks and how it sounds. Yes, I know you've played Golden Tee Mobile and know how unique it is, but this is out of this world (almost literally).

The ultra-rich people of the world have moved to Mars after Earth crumbles due to the Great Ecological Catastrophe. You play the role of a human who feels homesick so he decides to go back to earth and play a round of golf through the beautiful and eerie ruins of earth. 

It's actually a really relaxing game, filled with beautiful, otherworldly art to compliment your round of golf. Another aspect of the game that stands out is the radio that plays in the background. The station will play songs and talk shows while you enjoy your round in space. It's a small, but pretty cool feature, similar in ways to the detailed nature of Grand Theft Auto's iconic radio station inclusion when driving. But here are a few tips for when you tackle the Old Earth Golf Club (yes, I made that up) in this Fallout-esque golf game.