Suit-Up is a new match-3 game from indie developer Mikkel Christiansen who was looking to blend multiple genres into one with this project. He opted for the familiar match-3 set up with the commonly understood card game solitaire and it's available now for iOS devices.

Christiansen hopes to bring together the simple to play nature of a match-3 title with the replayability he believes that solitaire possesses. The aim then is to see how long players can keep going by matching both suits and cards.

As they progress further they will be able to unlock upgrades that will be useful in racking up a higher score for a better place on the global leaderboards. Each day there will be a new game bonus to encourage players to keep returning to Suit-Up.

There are four different game modes to engage with as well. The first is Normal Mode, which is simply matching suits and card numbers for as long as possible. One deck mode meanwhile will see how many points players can get from a 52 card deck. Beyond that, there's also Hard Mode, which is simply a more difficult version of Normal and Timed mode and puts players under pressure by introducing a time limit.

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You can check out some gameplay for Suit-Up in the embedded trailer above if you're interested in seeing the game in action. It has a very pleasant and clean aesthetic that gives the game a very friendly feeling vibe, though that could just be the cute mascot Christiansen has created. 

Suit-Up is available now over on the App Store where you'll be able to download the game for free.

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