Updated on September 12th, 2021 - Re-checked the tier list

Below we'll discuss some of the best characters in the game, and give you a complete Sword Master Story tier list of all the characters currently available in the game. 

Since there will be new characters released ever so often, we'll do our best to bring you an updated tier list on a regular basis, so you'll know exactly which characters will be worth your time and which you should skip. Oh, and if you are playing similar games, we also have a Lost Centuria tier list, Alchemy Stars tier list and many others, so check them out through the search bar.

It's also worth noting that in this game, you will play as a character which is definitely not Kirito from Sword Art Online while meeting a legion of girls with oversized... potential, all while collecting PNGs of your favourite waifus. If that all sounds great, then let's dive in! 

Sword Master Story character tier list

Admittedly this isn't actually a Sword Master Story tier list solely for waifus, instead, it's a tier list that ranks the capabilities of all of the characters in the game. So if you're looking for that in particular, you're not probably going to find it here. 

Instead, we'll look at how strong the characters are, and rank them from S-tier to C tier, based on their kit and stats. That means you'll do best to invest most of your resources into the S tier characters, and give them some of your best equipment and weapons. As for the rest... just don't go overboard. You'll probably end up using just the S tier units anyway.

Just take a look below and you'll find our full list of the best, and worst, characters you can collect and team up with.

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