Originally starting as a passion project for the Commodore 64, Millie and Molly has now released on Android and iOS.

You play as the titular sisters as they defeat malicious monsters across a hundred levels and various worlds. Using your logic skills, you’ll guide the sisters through each stage and work out the best route to go about defeating each enemy.

There are no timers or lives in the game, as Millie and Molly is designed to be a relaxing experience. You’re able to solve each level at your own pace, and if you make a mistake, there’s a handy rewind button that allows you to reset the stage without much interference.

“Millie and Molly was designed to be challenging yet relaxing. We wanted players to enjoy all the satisfaction of solving each puzzle without pressure along the way,” says Carleton Handley, the Manchester–based indie developer behind Millie and Molly. “These factors have made it the perfect lockdown game, because people are looking for ways to have fun, destress, and stimulate their minds.”

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Millie and Molly was released for Commodore 64 earlier this year to positive reception, and it was this that inspired Handley to bring the game to a wider audience on modern devices. This version of the game features updated visuals and sounds, but still retains the retro aesthetics that made it appealing in the first place.

“I received so many messages from Commodore 64 players who said that they’d been playing Millie and Molly with kids, friends, and partners who’d never shown an interest in retro gaming before. When Covid-19 took a hit on my freelance workload, it presented the perfect opportunity for me to work on a version for modern devices. One of my proudest achievements is that my wife finished all 100 levels on her iPhone, as she’s never completed a game before!”

Millie and Molly is available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android for £2.99.

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