Retro Bowl is a classic, mobile take on the popular American pastime. It takes many gamers back in time to the days of Tecmo Bowl or the old Madden games. Featuring its old school graphics and gameplay, you may start reminiscing a bit.

It's one of the few football games where you can touch every single aspect of the sport. From drafting rookies on draft night to calling plays and executing them on the field, you really get the chance to dabble with everything that football has to offer. 

Another cool thing is that, with a small purchase, you can change the generic team's city and uniform colors to reflect those of NFL teams. Want to play as the Chicago Bears or the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs? You can do that, which is a nice touch. But today, we're going to chat a bit about throwing the football. The air game in Retro Bowl is smooth and a lot of fun, and we'll give you a few tips on how to tackle it.