Spiderweb Software has announced a fantasy RPG remake of the Geneforge series will be coming to iPad next year.

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is set in a world of Shapers, powerful wizards with the power to create life. If you need a servant, pet or even a mighty beast to fight for you, the Shapers can create it. These creations are expected to obey completely, otherwise they face death. However, some are created more intelligent than others, and desire their freedom.

It’s expected to be one of most open-ended RPGs on the platform, as you choose between a host of rival factions to wield powerful magic or create your deadly pets to crush your enemies. If direct conflict isn’t your thing, you can instead use trickery, diplomacy, and stealth to win the game without ever attacking anyone. You can even decide whether you want to fight the final boss, or join him wreak havoc on the world of Geneforge.

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Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is described as a total remaster of the 20-year old indie classic Geneforge, which released on Windows and Mac back in 2000, and received a Steam re-release in 2011. It was successfully funded earlier this year via Kickstarter, in which 2,111 backers pledged $85,141 to bring the project to life.

While the iPad tablet version was always planned to be developed as part of the initial funding campaign, an Android version was also on the cards as a higher stretch goal that wasn’t reached. Perhaps the game could eventually see the light of day on Google Play if the iOS version is successful enough.

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen will release on the Apple App Store in early 2021, priced at $19.99. It will also be released on Steam at the same time.

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