Sneaky Sasquatch, Apple Arcade's hit game, has many layers to it. There so many to it, in fact, that it sometimes feels like an open-world experience. But, in reality, it's definitely more of an interconnected world, so it's semi-open in some aspects, while also knocking you along set paths when you hit areas, similar to the Dark Souls games (bet you weren't expecting that comparison).

With so many areas to explore, there are many fun things to do. From playing golf to racing, skiing, and of course, stealing campers' snacks; The world is full of endless possibilities. On top of all of this, the game continues to get updated with the additions of the city and beach among other things.

However, what are a few of the key things that you should take note of when exploring this world? There are certain things that you can do and acquire in the game. Some of these can be really helpful and make your Sneaky Sasquatch experience just a tad bit better.