Lo-Fi Room is an upcoming hidden object and rhythm game from indie developer Bearmask that's heading for Android and PC sometime next year. It was initially created for Music Game Jam 2018 and also won the G-Star Big Indie Pitch last year where the judges were evidently very impressed by what they saw.

The game was inspired by online study music channels that have become quite popular on YouTube in the last few years. Each level will consist of finding a series of instruments and then playing its rhythm game.

Once you've completed the rhythm game for a specific instrument, it will then be added to the song playing in the background. As you continue to find additional instruments it will layer them into the track. As you continue to build beats you'll follow the main character through their day, effectively creating the soundtrack to their life.

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Much like the music channels it draws inspiration from, Lo-Fi Room is intended to be a relaxing and meditative experience that makes for a nice change of pace from most games out there. It's lovely music too, as you can hear from the embedded trailer above.

Lo-Fi Room is heading for Android and PC sometime in 2021. If you'd like to stay up to date with development, I'd urge you to follow the game's official website where you'll also be able to try out a browser-based demo of Lo-Fi Room. Additionally, you can also join the developer's Discord if you're interested in getting involved with playtesting at a later date.