It's NFL football season so you know that Madden NFL 21 Mobile may be some fans' mobile devices. The game features a card collecting system where you build your roster through packs. It operates essentially like the popular Ultimate Team feature seen on the console versions on Madden and FIFA.

The difference here is that this is the heart and soul of the mobile game. Once you put your squad together, you can go about playing games and completing challenges. You will then earn more cards to grow your team even further. It's very similar to how NBA 2K Mobile is played too.

But one new game mode that is featured universally on all platforms is "The Yard". The Yard is essentially a street (American) football mode. If you've ever played NFL Street back in the day, then you may get an idea of how this new mode plays. It's one of Madden 21's best additions, and we give you a few tips for when you hit the streets.