Swordshot is a unique take on the classic arcade machine-style game. It takes you back with its design and overall layout and includes some fantastic music that is fitting to its arcade nature. But there are two things that make the game very intriguing when you fire it up.

For starters, it's a one-button game. Yup, all you need to is tap your screen; no movement with a virtual analog stick or anything else. Just tap away. However, the other interesting aspect is that the game is also highly challenging at times. You take on a series of bosses to try and reconnect fragments of a large orb of some kind and each fragment of it operates as a level.

But how on earth can a one-button game be so hard you ask? I'm not sure, but the folks at Crescent Moon Games brilliantly blended the two together. So its controls are incredibly easy to pick up, but it's the game itself that can test you. We give you a few tips to help you tackle this one-button boss fest.

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