BTS Universe Story is an absolutely fascinating game where you can either play through a, uh, interesting story campaign where the famous BTS boys get abused (yeah don't ask) or you can create your own story. No surprise, one of those is an actual gold mine.

In practice it is a very easy to use choose-your-own-adventure creator, but with high-quality pre-made BTS-themed assets for you to use, and that concept alone basically sells the entire game for me, personally.

In BTS Universe Story all you need is a solid idea, and you can make JungKook, JiMin, and the rest, talk it out. Want them to discuss North Korea? Totally possible. The console wars? Why not. Make JiMin quote a copypasta verbatim while the other boys watch in horror and then post the video to twitter? Mate, why wouldn't you?

In this guide we'll be giving you a rundown of how you can create your own story in BTS Universe Story, and what you'll need to know in order to get your story published online. We'll be using the Easy Editor for this guide, because hey, if you could use the Expert Editor you wouldn't need a guide.