Niantic has announced the details on the regular events that will take place in Pokemon Go throughout the month of October. This will include a new Breakthrough Encounter, Legendary Raid Bosses, Limited Research and more.

Starting from October 1st to 1st November, players will be able to get Shedinja through a Research Breakthrough Encounter. Then later in the month on 10th October, there will be a Limited Research featuring encounters with Alolan, Galar and Kanto Meowth.

Throughout October there will be several different Legendary Pokemon to battle and capture in Raids. This will include the following:

  • September 25th – October 2nd – Zapdos
  • October 2nd – October 9th – Moltres
  • October 9th – October 23rd – Origin Forme Giratina

There will be a chance that the Giratina you battle against in those Raids can be Shiny. Beyond that, there will also be a Special Raid Boss appearing during the upcoming Halloween event. A Raid Hour will take place at 6 pm local time each Wednesday throughout the month.

As always, there will also be several spotlight hours featuring specific Pokemon throughout the month. Below you can see which Pokemon will be appearing and when alongside the associated bonus they'll bring:

  • October 6th – World Cap Pikachu will appear and players will get twice the XP for catching Pokemon
  • October 13th – Original Cap Pikachu will appear and players will earn twice the Candy for catching Pokemon
  • October 20th – Shuppet will appear and players will get twice the Candy for transferring Pokemon
  • October 27th – Duskull will appear and players will get twice the XP for evolving Pokemon

Pokemon Go is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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