When PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds had its first moment of breakout success on Steam, I was there, not understanding how to play, but having fun driving around the huge map on a motorbike anyway. Conceptually I loved it, and I wanted to enjoy it.

Fast forward to today and the gaming landscape is very different. PUBG is now on almost every platform (looking at you, Nintendo Switch) and it has ushered in a brand new shooter genre, one which almost every big publisher has scrambled to capitalise on, to varying degrees of success.

But PUBG perseveres, whether that's on PC, console, or mobile devices. PUBG still demands huge numbers of players, a dedicated following, and makes plenty of money. And wouldn't you know it, PUBG is now welcoming a bunch of new players into the fold, including on PUBG Mobile with the New Era update, and on console with the game now available for free via PlayStation Plus.

But the big question is whether or not you should actually be interested in jumping on the bandwagon, and wheter you should be looking at the controversial console port, or the built-for-purpose mobile adaptation. You can't go too far wrong no matter which way you lean, but in this guide we're going to run through some pros and cons for both…