Adventures of Pip was first introduced to the world five years ago or so. It's a game that is really all about pixels, and although all games have pixels, Pip puts a unique spin on how we view them with this game being through the art of platforming. So in short, it's a platformer about pixels and the game has now been ported to the Nintendo Switch on its fifth year anniversary.

You play as a young hero who tries to turn everyone back to their normal 8-bit selves after an evil Queen (hilariously) turns everyone into a single pixel. This makes everyone look like little blocks including the King and Queen of the town. Pip himself was already a single pixel.

Our little red block goes on a quest to save the world and bring 8-bit peace back to the town. He will gain a magic power that will allow him to become 8-bit. So throughout the game, you will be able to switch back and forth between one pixel and 8-bit. A certain trick needs to be done to become your complete self though. We give you a few tips on how to tackle this unique adventure.