MU Origin 2, Webzen's popular MMORPG, has released the latest update with introduces a bevvy of new features to the game. This includes, among other additions Guide of Void, Elemental weapons, Wings Awakening and Guild Elemental Dungeons.

First up, there's Guide of Void, a battle with a powerful monster that's been sealed away by a mysterious mirror. Once players reach level 280 and obtain a Mirror Fragment and part with some Zen, they can access the Guide of Void.

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Another addition to the MMOPRG is Elemental Weapons. This new system will allow players to enhance the Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning Properties of their weapons. They can be either Attack or Defense oriented and are obtained by activating special routes in each Element Property.

Wings Awakening is another addition with the latest updated and will become available after reaching level 400. It will unlock the potential power within the wings and there will be 5 types of Attack and Defense element property at each of the Wings Awakening menu. These enhanced through a mixture of Zen and required items.

Meanwhile, there is now an Elemental Dungeon in the Abyss World. This can be accessed after reaching Master Level 1 and will open Monday to Friday at 22:30 server time. Once in, Guild members will have to collect a set amount of crystals to fight the ultimate boss with a plethora of rewards up for grabs for taking them down.

The final level cap has also been increased to Master VII Lv. 99 (Lv. 1099) and a new map can be found in the Abyss world called Raging Trench. There are also a host of Costumes, Guardian Pet Journals and Mount skins too.

If you'd like to get a taste of one of the most successful MMOs on the market, then be sure to download MU Origin 2 right now from the App Store or Google Play.

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