Google Stadia has announced seven new indie games will be coming to its streaming platform later this year and in 2021.

Earlier this year Google launched the Stadia Makers program to support Unity-based indies get their games on the platform, with many of them arriving before 2021.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

A ‘90s-inspired side-scroller platformer in which you fight enraged living vegetables as you utilise the powers of the Wild Masks to gain the skills of the tiger, shark, eagle and lizard. Kaze and the Wild Masks promises you’ll relive your childhood memories with high-quality pixel art and lots of bonus collectibles to find. Out in 2021.

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A beautiful adventure game about a mysterious little girl and her mechanical alter-ego as they explore a world of weird and wonderful fish planets. In TOHU you’ll swap between these two characters, utilising their unique abilities to traverse the world and solve puzzles. Out in Autumn.

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Death Carnival

Set in a post-apocalyptic city where the residents get their kicks from spectating the extremely deadly Death Carnival, this game is a fast-paced top-down shooter with cross-platform multiplayer of up to four players. It’ll have customisable loot and a weekly challenge system. Out this winter.

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Unto The End

2 Ton Studios’ Unto the End is a viking platformer where every move can be life or death. As a father battling to make his way home to his family, you’ll have to fight your way through some of the fiercest opponents around. Keep an eye on enemy attack patterns and adapt your combat style to counter them, this is a slow-paced game with high difficulty, making it perfect for Stadia. Out this winter.

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Figment: Creed Valley

A sequel to Figment on PC, Creed Valley is a musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind. Move through this strange world and overcome enigmatic challenges as you explore its two states: the Open-minded and the Close-minded, which you can switch between to adapt to the shifting environment. Out in 2021.

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Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

An atmospheric typing RPG set in a colourful world. Follow Rosalind on her quest for knowledge as she collects samples of mystic natural beauties. Use magic and knowledge to explore the world and battle its dangers. Nanotale is played entirely using your keyboard, and can be adjusted depending on your preferred layout. Out in 2021.

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The Darkside Detective Season 2

A sequel to the comedy detective game, The Darkside Detective Season 2 once again returns you into the shoes of detective Francis McQueen as he takes on new paranormal cases and meets new whimsical characters. This Not-Twin Peaks point-and-click adventure arrives on Stadia early next year, with Season 1 also coming ahead of its release.

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All of the above has been confirmed to be coming to Stadia, but the platform is promising to bring more in due time, with more than 15 games confirmed to be coming from the Stadia Makers program.

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