The gaming industry may be looking ahead to an exciting new hardware generation, but no matter how advanced technology becomes, there’ll always be room in our hearts and on our devices for humble indie games. They’ve always thrived on mobile, and recent months have seen a fresh batch of them drop onto app stores, ripe for you to get your thumbs into.

Google Play, the App Store and Apple Arcade’s latest indie gems include a choose-your-own-adventure game based on the work of Yuri Nikitin, a platformer with gorgeous Claymation visuals and a whimsical puzzler set in a world where humankind has long since departed.

As you can probably imagine, there’s an eclectic smorgasbord to sample and no two titles we’ve picked out are alike. One thing they do have in common, though, is that they’re unmissable for anyone with an appreciation for the best games outside of the mainstream.

So, here are the top five best indie games to try this month…