Armajet packs your iPhone and Android phones with a shooter game that is simple enough to understand to the point where the game doesn't offer a playable tutorial. And just by reading the one that they offer, you'll quickly know how the game works.

This pick up and play nature makes it one of the more accessible shooters on mobile. It also is quietly on the rise in the esports community. Sure, it's not as big as popular mobile esport shooters such as PUBG Mobile or Critical Ops, but it has the potential.

This, in part, is thanks to Hammers Esports, one of the world's biggest (mostly) mobile esports organizations being heavily involved with the game. They created The Forge League which includes Armajet competitions among other games. But when you fire up the game and play, you'll notice that there several things to unlock via packs, and we'll tell you which of the fun specialty items you should look out for.

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