Sneaky Sasquatch's latest update includes another big new world to explore. At first, you started with just the park, then came the town which also receives updates, and now, you have a whole beach area that you can visit (and cause havoc at your own risk). Take the boat ride to your new paradise.

You can find the new area by going south of the police station in the town. While you're there, you can go to the boat shop and purchase your own watery vessel if you got the coin. After that, you can hop on the ferry for that takes you to the beach for 20 coins

After you arrive and run around a bit, you'll know that surfing (obviously) is the primary activity you can do while you're here. There's a surf shop where you can purchase a board and some surf gear to catch some killer waves. But there a few things that you may have missed if you visited the beach before in the Apple Arcade hit.

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