Catalyst Black, one of the mobile gaming world's most anticipated games. Its fast-paced multiplayer taking place in beautiful environments makes it stand out among other things. As I may have mentioned before, the latest game by Super Evil Megacorp has vibes similar to the highly popular Valorant

These are two different games, but the environments and quirkiness are fairly similar. One major difference though is that Catalyst Black is in the third-person while Valorant is in first-person. But both feature unique weaponry and map layouts. 

The game is now in Early Access with many mobile gamers getting a chance to take Catalyst Black for a test drive. Each game is intense, and you'll never see any dull moments when playing, even in this early stage of its life cycle. But, if you have the game or plan on getting it, here are a few fun ways to approach this wild and fun game. 

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