Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is out now, and you can play the entire thing on your mobile device, whether that's Android or iOS. Which is lovely, because the dungeons here are roughly train-trip sized.

If you're looking for new friends to play this multiplayer game with then look no further - here we'll be sharing our own Invite Codes for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and giving you the opportunity to share yours in the comments below, after we give you some helpful tips on how to add friends.

And did you know you can actually play the entire game - yes, every dungeon - on Android or iOS without ever actually having to pay for the full experience? It's all possible, but definitely a lot easier if you have friends by your side…

Find yourself some friends and play the full game for free on mobile with the tips in this guide.

How to add friends

Adding Friends is a little strange and awkward in this cross-play game, so let's quickly go over it…

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Go to Friends
  • Note the Invite Code in the top right - share this with friends, and vice versa
  • Use the Search button and input the Invite Codes of your friends
  • Once you and your friends have added the Invite Codes of one another, you shall become friends

Now that you have friends added, you just need to select Set Out Together from the Main Menu. This will allow you to set up a private lobby, invite pals, and select which dungeon you want to take on together.

If you want to add a friend right now, here's my Invite Code…

  • 063876499241
crystal chronicles friend codes

How to play the full Android/iOS game for free

Now, this is very nice of Square Enix. I'm sure you already know you can download a demo of the game right now, which includes three dungeons - and that's very nice indeed. But did you know you can actually play every dungeon in the game without paying a penny?

It's true - the catch is that you'll need a friend. The iOS/Android demo of the game has the full game included, but the dungeons past the first three aren't accessible unless you are playing with a Host who has selected those dungeons.

So, if you find a good friend and party up with them, you can absolutely play every dungeon in the game from the comfort of your mobile device without ever actually paying a penny, as long as you make sure to keep partying up before every dungeon. Not a bad deal!

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