Updated: December 10, 2020. Catalyst Black, is probably one of the most highly anticipated games on mobile. Our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad event was a perfect indication of that. Throughout the event, SuperEvilMegaCorp's latest game was an immensely popular part of the discussion in the chat on the stream. 

The game is essentially the developer's spiritual successor to Vainglory, an iconic multiplayer game in mobile gaming circles over the years. But Catalyst Black presents a futuristic shooter that features numerous powerups and epic weaponry. Think of it almost like an overhead, third-person Overwatch or Valorant while still being totally unique to what it is. 

You can play in Capture The Flag, Flag Hunter, and Core Rush among others. We'll give you a few basic tips to help you on the battlefield if you have Early Access. If you don't have the game yet, then feel free to keep these tips in mind. Just remember that, at the time of this writing, the game is still in Early Access and is not necessarily a 100% finished product. 

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