Exos Heroes has had a promising start since launch, having hit 5 million downloads back in July. Line Games are naturally keen to keep that momentum going so today they've updated the game with Season 2 episodes 'The North Winds'. It will bring new chapters, Heroes and systems to the gacha RPG.

The North Winds kicks off where the previous season finished with Zeon wounded following a battle with Shufraken. He is saved by his mentor Schmid and manages to heal up with the assistance of Jinai. However, he soon becomes entangled in a conflict between Brunn's matriarch, her advisor and an outcast royal.

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This will see new Heroes introduced to the game then. This will include Neomi, the matriarch herself, her advisor Dorka, Zeon's mentor Schmid and Kylock, a master treasure hunter. You can check out a trailer for Season 2 in the embedded video above.

Alongside the new story content, the level cap has also been increased from 55 to 60 and new systems have been added for players to enhance their Heroes. These are called Signature Force and Awaken Hero.

Signature Force will see heroes of the same nationality receive a boost to their abilities and synergies. This will be based on their nation's represented Fated Hero. Awaken Hero meanwhile, will allow players to absorb and transfer additional options of Fated Armor to their hero. There will be new armours to be found in this season that will be available in the recently added equipment dungeons.

Several events are also taking place throughout September including the week-long 'Gift for Seven Days', which will take place from 3rd to 24th. This is a login event that will net players several items and Neomi on the seventh day. Additionally, they can also recruit free Heroes 11 times for 7 days, meaning they'll pull 77 characters in that time. 

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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