Publisher Playdigious has recently been putting out some consistently cool stuff on iOS, Android, and beyond. It's perhaps best known for its excellent port of Motion Twin's Dead Cells, though the company has also been releasing interesting original games such as Arrog and The Almost Gone.

Now, it's announced a major sale that offers discounts on all of its biggest titles. And it's not just limited to mobile games, with several console releases also in the mix. The sale is set to run from today, September 4th, through to September 13th.

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Most of these discounts are fairly sizeable, though Dead Cells is understandably only 10% off. Playdigious recently released a roadmap for the hit roguelike's upcoming updates and expansions, including the Legacy Update, Bad Seed DLC, and more. Here's a link to our news coverage of the roadmap.

And now, without further delay, here is a full list of every Playdigious game currently on sale:

  • 10% off on Dead Cells on iOS and Android
  • 40% off on The Almost Gone on Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android
  • 30% off on Arrog on iOS and Android
  • 80% off on Evoland on iOS and Android
  • 80% off on Evoland 2 on iOS and Android
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  • 50% off on Cultist Simulator on iOS and Android
  • 30% off on Cultist Simulator's DLCs on iOS and Android
  • 80% off on Teslagrad on iOS and Android
  • 80% off on OK Golf on Android
  • 40% off on Dungeon of the Endless on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4
  • 40% off on Turmoil on Nintendo Switch
  • 90% off on Pix the Cat on Nintendo Switch

Plenty of these are well worth getting stuck into, especially considering the discounted prices. Dead Cells, Cultist Simulator, and The Almost Gone are among the highlights for me. 

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