After the epic(ish) delights of Paper Mario: The Origami King in July, August saw a return to smaller, quirkier indie delights.

Nintendo surprised us with an Indie World Showcase half way through the month, which brought with it news of a bunch of intriguing indie gems. No, that didn't included news of a Spelunky 2 Switch release, sadly. But we live in hope.

Anyway, there were plenty of distinguished indie treats to keep us busy. It really has been quite a month for those who like their entertainment cute, compact, and distinctive. And preferably side-scrolling. And maybe a little obsessed with the afterlife.

While there are some definite thematic and stylistic links to this month's crop, though, we'd insist that they all do their own thing. If anything, they show the amount of variety and originality that modern indie developers are managing to apply to the classic 2D platformer framework.

Have you been playing anything different on your Switch in August? Perhaps even a game about the living, or in three dimensions? Let us know in the comments below.