We've covered Lozange Lab's latest game, Rip Them Off, a couple of times here at Pocket Gamer, so you've likely already heard that it's a stylish management puzzler set to release for iOS and PC on September 24th, but did you know that the team is now looking for beta testers?

Yes, you could be among the first to try the game and help Lozange Lab to hone the experience prior to launch. Testers will be invited to join an exclusive Discord server where you can send feedback to the devs directly. There's also a proper feedback form for those who'd rather share their thoughts that way.

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Selected testers will be offered the chance to have their name listed in the game's credits, highlighting their contribution to the project. The sign-up Google Form should take you no longer than a minute or so to fill out, and here's a handy link to it.

For those not in the know, Rip Them Off is a satirical look at immense corporate greed where you'll be challenged to create an interconnected maze of stores to draw in as many consumers as possible and keep them spending. Once you've proved your worth to the board, you'll be assigned a new task in a different city.

Every new area serves up its own unique challenges, though being the go-getter you are, no obstacle will stand between you and your escalating profits. The difficulty comes from knowing which stores to buy and learning how to efficiently control foot traffic.

And it's not just the gameplay that has me intrigued, with Rip Them Off also offering a smooth soundtrack and a keen sense of style derived from 1950s artwork.

If this one has piqued your interest, you'll find it available for pre-order now from over on the App Store. It'll launch as a premium game priced at $3.99 on September 24th. Alternatively, PC players can wishlist Rip Them Off on Steam

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